A Pop-Up at Meridian Medical Spa

December 15th, 2022

In the world of retail, collaborations and partnerships can often lead to incredible opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and connect with new audiences. Nearing the holiday season of 2022, our company, Sartorial Collection, had the privilege of participating in a local pop-up shop hosted by Meridian Medical Spa. This collaboration proved to be a truly fortunate experience, allowing us to showcase our brand, connect with customers, and foster a sense of community which is often lacking in the digital age. By setting up our products in a physical space, we were able to engage with customers on a personal level, allowing them to see, touch, and experience our products firsthand which only encouraged future shops. 

Collaborating with Meridian was a particularly special experience as we have had a friendship with them for many years and truly love the girls that hosted this amazing event. Furthermore, the spa opened their doors to so many incredible men and women, hosting demonstrations and providing food and drinks, but one of the most special pop-ups we've done as we were one singular the shop that they chose for their event. 

We are so grateful to Meridian for entrusting us with this opportunity and cannot wait to bring you all along for the next shop!