A Pop-Up at The Beauty Room

July 8th, 2023

After a successful run of shops, Sartorial has begun to find our foothold in the world of hands-on shopping. The Beauty Room in Fort Myers, FL was gracious enough to lend their salon so we could manufacture an event for vendors across South Florida, and that we did!

Creating a pop-up shop at The Beauty Room allowed us to showcase our craftsmanship and attention to detail. We had the opportunity to curate a collection specifically tailored to the tastes and preferences of The Beauty Room's clientele. This exclusive manufacturing experience enabled us to create a unique assortment of garments, accessories, and fashion-forward pieces that resonated with the discerning fashion enthusiasts who frequented The Beauty Room.

Additionally, were lucky to have Viv's IVs, Linked x Jade & J permanent jewelry, Oopsie Daisy Flower Truck, Botox by Injector Boss, and Only Doubles Food Truck. We cannot rave enough about each and every vendor we were lucky enough to secure and could only hope to accompany them again soon!

Until next time SWFL, happy shopping!