A Pop-Up at Fitt House

February 11th, 2023

Much different from our first event, SC was asked to be a part of the 'Galentine's Day Open House' hosted by The Fitt House who was able to fit ten other vendors in their space. Participating in this type of pop-up shop provided us with a myriad of valuable learning experiences. We gained insights into customer preferences, observed market trends, and identified areas for improvement. This firsthand knowledge will help us refine our strategies and enhance our offerings in the future. Moreover, the collaboration allowed us to learn from their various expertises providing us with valuable lessons that will contribute to our long-term growth.

This experience helped us to expand our reach, increase brand visibility, and engage with the local community. The experience not only provided us with immediate benefits but also valuable lessons and networking opportunities that will contribute to our long-term success. We are grateful for this fortunate collaboration and look forward to future partnerships that will continue to propel our business forward!